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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stephanie Perkins Book Signing Recap

So, this happened on July 6. And it's what, August 7 now? (We're super sorry we're late to the party... or what's left of it!)

When National Bookstore announces that the author of the most cutesy-pie-y contemporary novels is coming to town, you pretty much die inside. And since dying inside is what we do best, we fangirled over everything during the entire forum. (Her fluffy hair! Her dress! Her cuteness! Her very nice husband who is having fun watching her field fangirl-y questions!)

(I believe I took a gazillion photos, but only one looked decent. That should give you an idea of how great I am with an iPhone camera, which is basically idiot-proof.)

This is Jarrod Perkins, Stephanie's husband. He wasn't spared from all the shameful things we and our blogger friends made him do, like sign all the dedication pages Steph wrote for him, and hold up a sign with the most... interesting translation for Anna and the French Kiss. 

Le Michelle (and her mermaid hair, of which Stephanie took an actual moment to marvel at when she was asking her question) and le Nicole, of the ever present and ever purple lips.

Group shot with the other bloggers. (Oops, I think someone got cut out. Meep!)

Just to show you just how game Jarrod is with us, here's a pic of him with Nicole.

And here's Michelle with the forever fab Chad and Louisse and Ge of The Soul Sisters.

We were lucky enough to receive ARCs of Isla too (which we predictably omnomnom-ed within a few days).

Signed pretties~

Itty bitty tiddy bitties (Wow, that sounds kind of nasty now that I think about it):

1. Stephanie based Etienne off actors she won't name because she feels like it'll totes destroy the image of Etienne in a young girl's mind. (It's because she loves you, and if you imagine Etienne looking like someone off One Direction, she doesn't want to muck that up for you. True love right there.)

2. The personalities of her male characters were based on her husband Jarrod.

3. She has an upcoming 2015 horror novel with Dutton, because she always had been a fan of gore (girl loves her Stephen King, yo).

4. She has French-kissed before (because someone had to ask that

5. Stephanie has actually been to Paris and it is fabulous. While Anna and the French Kiss was situated more around her research, Stephanie went to France with her sister afterwards and spent a month or so just exploring the gorgeous country.

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